Education and Inspiration to Support Mental, Physical, & Emotional Vitality

Our Cambridge Group Wellbeing Expert, Meg Sharp, MSc, and her team will educate and guide your teams in the areas of: fitness and mental health, exercise adherence, sleep hygiene, and goal setting. 

Meg and her team will bring leading edge presentations directly to your office through a 55-minute webinar or in-person dynamic presentation, offering plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion. Based on the very latest in health science research, and filled with simple strategies and ideas you can implement immediately.

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A great success!

"Meg is absolutely brilliant at connecting with people and meeting them where they are at. She presented a lot of great information in a way that resonated with my team and was most impactful. Everyone who attended the sessions with Meg walked away with some easy habits they can take to improve their overall wellbeing and a knowledge of why they should. A great success!"

Mary AnneDirector, Business Development, Global Law Firm

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Young colleagues with Santa hats, champagne, and sparklers at the office Christmas party

DIY Holiday Survival Kit

It's been a stressful, challenging year. Dog gone-it you've earned the right to let loose and have some fun! Colourfully curated cocktails, wines with great legs, inspired dinners and over-the-top desserts: That's some serious fun. Rotten sleeps, morning headaches, and all-day food cravings; Dress pants and shimmery cocktail dresses that are suddenly too tight: Seriously NOT fun.

Join Meg for practical advice on how to navigate this party season so you can balance the high bar while avoiding the face plants. As there is no one-size-fits-all, she's got an entire closet of fabulous strategies and simple ideas so you can try a few on for size and keep the ones that work.

Fit, attractive man talking a minute to breathe, leaning over the handlebars of his bike

The BEST Reason to Exercise: Your Mental Health

It's one thing to know that exercise has a positive impact on the brain - quite another to understand what to do with that knowledge! This inspirational and practical talk explores how and why exercise is so powerful for our mental wellbeing as well as the different types of exercise and activity that positively influence the brain. We get into the details of how YOU can easily incorporate awesome workouts and movement that leave your brain feeling less anxious, better focused, uplifted, more fulfilled, and vital.

Presenter: Meg Sharp

Woman stressed out at her desk, with hand holding the bridge of her nose and her glasses in the other hand

Crushing Stress

Stress is a powerful, human response that has ensured our survival for generations. And even though this response is innate, we can develop a keen ability to improve and control it. This thought-provoking session helps you better understand the nature of stress response as the first step towards mastering how to make it work for you. We will review many of the most powerful and often simple things you can do to better manage stress so your body, mind, and spirit become calmer and more resilient.

Presenter: Meg Sharp

Young female backpacker with her back to the camera looking forward to a fairly flat landscape, some hills and mountains in the distance

Let's Thrive!

What makes for a "great life"? In the end, it's quite different for everyone. Every life is filled with challenges. Far from a negative thing, challenges can be what makes a life purposeful and interesting. Challenge can make us stronger and more empathetic. Challenges are what help us figure out how to thrive. Especially when we have effective strategies in place to manage our stress and become more resilient: physically, mentally, and emotionally. Join Meg for this thought-provoking, practical discussion on how you can ensure you are thriving. Starting today.

Presenter: Meg Sharp

Man walking away from the camera into a sunset and towards mountain range

Habits & Transformation

Are habits little things? Or are they everything? When you think about where you're at - how healthy, wealthy, tired, or happy you are, much of that state can be explained by the accumulation of your daily habits. We all have goals for changing something for the better. And since we want that healthy change to be sustainable, we have to figure out how to first create and then augment specific healthy habits. Let's look at the various ways you can tackle this process so you can figure out what's realistic for you and embark on your own road to transformation.

Presenter: Meg Sharp

Powerful young, attractive woman doing workout on the ground with dumbbells

Women are Remarkable

We know that women's bodies are strong, capable, and powerful. Every female body is unique. And collectively we differ from many of our male counterparts in specific ways. From hip width to hormones to body composition, Meg Sharp will help you better understand these differences to ensure you are exercising in such a way to optimize your physical, mental, and emotional strength and wellbeing.

Presenter: Meg Sharp

Beautiful woman with her eyes closed, breathing deeply at the seaside with sun rising behind her

Harnessing Nature to Boost Mental Wellbeing

Exposure to nature creates innumerable health benefits. It improves our attention, lowers stress, decreases anger and depression, and helps us cope with pain. If you're able to exercise or move in a natural setting - the benefits are even more powerful. In this talk, we explore how time in nature creates positive neuro chemical and physiological changes in our bodies. More importantly, we discuss practical ways you can take advantage of these health benefits on a regular basis to ensure you are living your best life.

Presenter: Meg Sharp

Attractive man sleeping at night with a sleep mask on his face

Sleep: Your New Super Power

Many of us know we need more sleep. But that knowledge in and of iteslf isn't necessarily helpful. In fact, it can be anxiety provoking which doesn't help at all!

Gaining a better understanding of how and why sleep is so powerful, can help you determine and act upon the strategies that work for you. From temperature, to alcohol, to getting out of bed at 2:00am (?) ... we'll quickly review some well-known sleep hygiene practices that can be helpful, and then move on to a deeper exploration of the science of sleep and some less conventional insights and strategies. You're sure to find one or two gems to tuck under your pillow...

Presenter: Meg Sharp

Attractive, sweaty man lifts heavy barbell

Stop the Presses! The Craziness of Fitness & Health Crazes

Is "Expert Advice" from all corners of the media leaving you confused and overwhelmed? Health contradictions in the press can be both entertaining and dangerous. We're here to help you safely and confidently navigate some of the most recent controversies in Fitness & Health ensuring you can make choices you and your body will feel really good about.

  • Cardio vs. Weights? Which is better?
  • The POWER of HIIT Training?
  • The scoop on Intermittent Fasting?
  • The BEST time of day to workout?
  • Do you actually need weights for effective strength training?
  • Lofty goals are exciting. But are they effective?

Presenter: Meg Sharp

Couple enjoying glasses of red wine

Navigating Alcohol - Read the Fine Print

Canada's new alcohol guidelines advise consuming no more than 2 drinks per week. While well-grounded and informed, if a recommendation feels unreasonable it can be overwhelming and difficult to know where to begin. At worst, it can foster a why bother mentality.

The reality is, alcohol is complicated. Changing consumption patterns may require layering in strategies and motivations unique to YOU. Alcohol impacts your sleep, your relationships, your diet, your workouts...and so much more. There are lots of great reasons to reduce your intake even a little. What will your motivation be?

Presenter: Meg Sharp

Happy workplace with colleagues leaning over a table and laptop working together

Thriving in your Workplace

Heading back to the office feeling a little (a lot?) uncertain? Anxious about how you are going to navigate all the challenges and changes?

Let's talk about some of the powerful and simple strategies you can put into place right away to manage those concerns and set yourself up for success. The truth is, being back in the office can offer so many incredible benefits. And no - we're not talking about benefits for your employer! We mean great benefits for you and those you love. Get ready to walk through your office door and thrive!

Presenter: Meg Sharp

Sleep mask on top of healthy, nutritious snacks and food that enhances sleep (including salmon, nuts, and more)

Nutrition for Better Sleep

Did you know that 2/3 of the population do not get adequate sleep? Unfortunately, this has become the 'new normal' and it has serious adverse repercussions for your health and performance (at work and home). In this talk, Dr. Marc Bubbs will share new science on sleep and provide simple diet, exercise, and lifestyle solutions to improve the quality of your sleep and recovery.

Presenter: Dr. Marc Bubbs

Attractive man looking at his phone with laptop in front of him, doing work early in the morning

Master Your Morning - How to Improve Focus & Concentration

Is breakfast the most important meal of the day? Or should you fast to be most productive? It's difficult to make sense of all the (mis)information online. In this talk, Dr. Marc Bubbs will shar ethe latest research on how breakfast impacts your focus, concentration, and overall health. You'll learn simple, actionable nutrition strategies you can implement to improve mental performance (as well as the common pitfalls to avoid!)

Presenter: Dr. Marc Bubbs

Food related to brain health (broccoli, nuts, fruit, salmon, and more) shaped like a brain; other half of the image is a line drawing of a brain

Nutrition for Mental Health & Resilience

Today, across the general population rates of anxiety and low mood are on the rise. In this talk, Dr. Marc Bubbs will review the latest research on anxiety, depression, and burnout and share insights on some of the key factors adversely impacting your mental energy and health. Dr. Bubbs will highlight key diet, exercise, and lifestyle strategies to support better mental health.

Presenter: Dr. Marc Bubbs

Close-up of man holding a big bowl of soup (pumpkin soup with pumpkin seeds on top) with both hands

Winter Meal Planning, Comforting Meals for Nourishment

Winter is coming. It's time to switch from patios to fireside and cookouts to dinner and a movie. How can you create the best meal plans for comfort food season? This talk will give you the tools and knowledge to use the best and most nutritious foods for your body in meals that will keep you warm from the inside out. Presenting the latest science on longevity and nutrition will ensure that you leave with a mind that is full of healthy ways to keep your belly full.

Presenter: Marvin Nixon

Bowls of nutritious foods including blueberries, almonds, avocado, pumpkin seeds, citrus, kiwis, and more

Nutrition and Weight Loss: Myths vs. Facts

Finding the reality of what foods are good and what is bad for us is completely confusing. The latest trends on social media about losing weight may or may not be safe or even work. Addressing some of the top myths about nutrition and losing weight with the best science and facts available will help you follow the healthy path. After this presentation, you will have the tools to cut through the fog.

Presenter: Marvin Nixon

Our Fall/Winter 2023 Line-Up

Meet our Wellbeing Experts

Meg Sharp

Photo of Meg in the RIDE Studio at the Adelaide Club on an indoor spin bike

Lead Presenter
Bachelor of Education, Kinesiology
Masters of Science, Exercise Psychology

Meg's graduate work and her 30+ years working in the health and fitness field, have given her amazing insights into the art and science of exercise. Her particular passion is the powerful way physical activity impacts the brain. Meg's experiences and ongoing studies enable her to share great research with practical applications to help people make substantive changes for the better. Through dynamic, informative seminars and coaching, she has built her career helping people figure out realistic, positive ways to incorporate movement into their lives so they can ultimately live those lives to the fullest.

Dr. Marc Bubbs

Guest Presenter
Performance Nutrition Lead

Dr. Marc Bubbs is the Performance Nutrition Lead for Canada Basketball and Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL) and works with busy professionals and executives managing the busyness of midlife. Marc is the author of the #1 best-selling performance book PEAK: The new sceience of athletic performance that is revolutionizing sports and PEAK40: The New Science of Midlife Health for a Leaner, Stronger Body & Sharper Mind, laying out the blueprint for how small changes can make a BIG impact in how you look, feel, and perform at work, home, and in the gym.

Dr. Marc Bubbs giving a presentation in front of a large group

Marvin Nixon

Headshot of Marvin Nixon, posing in the Toronto Athletic Club's Strength Lab

Guest Presenter
Masters of Science
National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Marvin is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, trained at Duke Health and Wellbeing. He is also a Precision Nutrition (Level 2) certified nutrition coach, and an ACE-certified personal trainer. Marv has over a decade of experience guiding clients who understand that their wellbeing and fitness are the key to reaching the summit in their lives. Marv is recognized for doing more than making you sweat. He works with you to make you a high-performing human by exploring all aspects of your wellbeing and utilizing the very latest nutrition, recovery, and movement science from the athletic performance world. Working side-by-side with Marv, you will discover how your strengths work for you to meet your goals so that you achieve more at work, at home, and at play.

We recently welcomed Meg Sharp to our first in-person Townhall meeting after 2.5 years.

"We recently welcomed Meg Sharp to our first in-person Townhall meeting after 2.5 years. Her presentation, Thriving in Your Workplace, was enthusiastically received and included an excellent balance of the benefits of returning to a shared workspace and acknowledging some of the challenges. What particularly resonated with our staff were the practical suggestions on how to introduce new healthy habits."

Rozanne ReszelPresident & CEO, Canadian Investor Protection Fund